About Us

The Contest Rules Are AS Follows:

1). The person that enters MUST live in the NorthEast Tarrant County Proper.
2). Your Entry Form MUST NOT be received BEFORE midnignt of January 22,2018
3). You MUST Register with a valid Email address and a valid physical address because that address is where the Unit will be installed.
4). The Email address you used to register MUST be the same Email address you use to submit your entry form items.
5). The Giveaway Heating and Air Conditioner unit can not be substituted for Cash or any other currency.
6). You MUST have the entry items in the proper order and with the proper statement.
7). Your Entry Form MUST have all 21 Items or it will not be considered.
8). When the Entries are received who ever submitted the FIRST Entry will be the Winner!
9). If You win you will be responsible for the Sales Tax only.

Good Luck To Everyone!

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